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Monitoring Wises Lane

The parish council has set up an advisory committee to monitor the development at Wises Lane.

This group will review the planning application details on a regular basis, work with Barrett David Wilson homes to monitor the works and report progress to the parish council on a monthly basis.

Should the committee feel that any issues are identified  they will report back to the parish council with recommendations.

The group prepares a monthly update report and this will be published here so that residents can keep up to date on the monitoring.

Membership: Cllr Fassenfelt; Cllr Jemmett; Cllr Butlin; Cllr Cole; Cllr Evans

If you would like any further information or would like to report any issues please contact us at [email protected] or use the contact page on our website.


As you have no doubt seen, activity is beginning on Wises Lane fields by Barratts DW Homes.

The Parish Council have set up a working group of 5 Councillors to meet monthly with BDW to discuss incoming applications to Swale Borough Council related to the Conditions set within the planning permission. The working group report back to the full Council meeting of Borden Parish Council. They have no power to make decisions.

So far the working group have met twice and 2 representatives from Swale Borough Council Planning Department have also been present along with BDW's planners.

The meetings have been productive and knowledgeable for all parties. BDW are aware how sensitive this development is and do not wish to ostracise or upset anyone.

To date, 15 Conditions have been applied on to the Portal, none of them are 'decided' they are all 'awaiting a decision'. You can follow the applications as they appear on the portal and you are able to make a comment directly.   17/505711/HYBRID

The working group will do everything they can to ensure Conditions are followed to the letter and that the Developers must be conscious of the time of year when it comes to creating access and beginning ground works. We think this will become easier when a site officer is in place.

If you have any worries or comments, please comment below or email the Clerk, [email protected] and your email will be raised at the next available full council meeting.

As you know, the Secretary of State gave his permission for this development to go ahead. We can only ensure it goes ahead legally and sensitively.


Wises Lane Working Group.

Wises Lane Group update 28th April 2022