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Wises Lane

By Parish Clerk Borden Parish Council

Wednesday, 13 April 2022


Borden Parish Council Contributor


Since our last update on Wises Lane we have had a further meeting and working on your behalf in making sure all of the Conditions set by the Inspector are fully met.

There will be a portacabin placed after Maylam Gardens, heading towards the Church, on the left hand side. This will be an ‘office’ for the Project Managers, Site Officers etc.

On the opposite side will be the advertising of the development. We have been successful in getting this reduced by 50% as it would have been a blot on the present landscape and totally unnecessary to have such huge advertising.

As you may have seen on Facebook, Skylarks have been spotted on both sides of Wises Lane. We would be grateful if you would refrain from yourself and dog(s) straying off the footpaths through the fields as these are ground nesting birds and need to be protected. As soon as we became aware of the birds, KCC Ecology were notified along with the developer. Measures are being put in place to ensure these birds are not under any threat whilst nesting. An onsite Ecologist will walk in front of any machinery to ensure their safety until the chicks have fledged.

We would like to thank you for your diligence and concern over the wildlife in Wises Lane and will do everything we possibly can to ensure these matters are dealt with safely and above all sensitively.

There are now 20 Conditions applied to the Portal. They are still ‘awaiting a decision’. You can follow these on the portal and you are able to make comment directly.

As before, the Working Group will continue to do everything they can to ensure the Conditions are followed to the letter. If you have any comments you would like to make now, please do so below or email the Clerk at

Wises Lane Working Group
Borden Parish Council

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