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News for Chestnut Street!

By Julie Miller Borden Parish Council

Tuesday, 14 July 2020


Borden Parish Council Contributor


News from Conway....

I am pleased to advise that we will be installing back to back lane 2 closures on the A249 for the August central reservation maintenance works commencing on 03 August for 5 nights, instead of full carriageway closures. For the October drainage works, we will still need full closures as works are situated both nearside and centre.

I have been liaising with KCC and we are looking at reducing the speed limit through Chestnut Street/Danaway whilst we have the diversion in operation in October. We have diversion signage ready to be placed two weeks’ prior to works starting to alert residents and we are hoping to be able to carry out a letter drop. Enforcement of speed limits is not something that we can enforce unfortunately, but hopefully motorists will adhere to the reduced limit.

With regards to the litter, I will be monitoring the situation before and after the works to see how much litter has been generated. I will then liaise with Swale Borough Council to see if this area can be picked after we have used it as a diversion, if required. But litter on the local network is not something that is within our jurisdiction.

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